Botox is so popular, the Los Angeles Times reports, that everyone's doing it. The problem is that not everyone's doing it right. Writes Stacie Sutkin: "Botox is available at the mall and at medi-spas and can be administered by nonaesthetic specialists: gynecologists, family practitioners, a variety of other medical professionals, as well as nonphysicians.The result: a one-size-fits-all approach by nonspecialists who may not have intimate knowledge of facial anatomy." Uh, gynecologists? Really? Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Vancouver-based ophthalmologist and Botox "pioneer," believes in an individualized approach that factors in the subtle features of the face. "The important thing is to slightly under treat," she says. "That produces a more natural look."

But Botox devotees get obsessed with appearing flawless. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon A. John Vartanian says some people can't see the big picture. "They don't care how you do it or how odd it looks, they just want it done."

Obviously, what the world needs now... is a Botox handbook. For cosmetic surgeons and gynecologists alike. It would actually be a public service. Because, you know, there's Wilhelmina Slater, and then there's Carrot Top.

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