Botched Patient Says Corsets Might 'Shift Your Floating Ribs,' NBD

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This week’s Botched season finale features a patient named Penny who loves to wear corsets. “It might shift your floating ribs a little bit. It’ll move your organs,” she says. But that’s, like, nothing major.


Penny got her first breast implants at 23 and is now looking to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nasif to fix scarring from her second boob job. Penny also happens to love corsets and waist training, much like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, who all swear by it.

In the clip below, Penny elegantly breaks down the basics of wearing a corset, describing it as an “art form.” Her delicately polished pearls of wisdom:

“Corsets are definitely a form of body modification and body modification is something that I definitely enjoy. It is an art form. You make yourself into a piece of art.”

“Corsetry doesn’t really do anything to your body that pregnancy doesn’t do.”

“It might shift your floating ribs a little bit. It’ll move your organs, but all of those things are standard practice of the human body.”


Penny speaks with an impressive amount of scientific certainty and thinks shifted ribs are a minor price to pay for having the waist proportions of a Disney princess. Watch her explain corsets below:

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Floating ribs aren’t the only thing a corset can shift.