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Boston Terrier Thinks It's People and Perambulates Accordingly

When pets pantomime their human overlords, it should make us all nervous. Are they making fun of us? Do they think we look silly even as we're exploiting their limited intellectual capacity for giggles on the internet? That's a truly horrifying thought, so try not to think it because doing so will only lead to several paranoid viewings of Planet of the Apes and there's only so many times anyone can watch Charlton Heston show off his simian pectoral muscles.


via Buzzfeed

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The headline made me smile because in an effort to find alternate words for "W-A-L-K" (ones that the dogs hadn't yet decoded and would therefore go insane any time the word wasn't mentioned, spelled or otherwise) we stopped walking the dogs and started promenading the dogs, but when they caught on to that, we switched to perambulate. S0 far, they haven't learned that one, but it's only a matter of time, so if anyone else has other suggestions, I would love to hear them.