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Bore du jour.

Illustration for article titled Bore du jour.

Why is it that when the newest prostitute on the block, or should I say blog, comes along, they're always at such pains to tell us how fabulous it is to have sex with men for cash, and how they aren't really prostitutes, they're high class call girls , or international escorts, like Jet Set Lara, who also likes to think of herself as a courtesan, she tells Marie Claire this month.


And they've always got Ph.D's in biophysics, and they're all trained in the Japanese tea ceremony and speak five languages and they're all so utterly detached and just a little world-weary and even though they screw men for money, they're somehow, well, more interesting and better people than you, you commonplace pathetic little drab.

Lara charges $10,000 a day for a fuck, but hey, she's spending $7k a year on underwear, and a girl's gotta make a living.

"The men I meet l like expensive toys - I suppose I fall into that category, so spending $25,000 on a tryst with me doesn't seem like that much to me. I've forged some amazing friendships through this business......I correspond with authors, political journalists and even a former Bush aide, all of whom see me as their muse."


A muse! Not a prostitute! We're sure there are truckstop whores in Kenya who say exactly the same thing about all the taxi drivers and truckers they "correspond" with for $3 a go in their roadside shacks.

It's a grand old life, this fucking people for money thing.

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