We spend a lot of time here discussing the state of Womanity, but what about the disenfranchised men we're furiously displacing with our quest for equality? According to a survey commissioned by a British men's TV network called DMAX (home to such fare as Mega Mutt and Star Munchies), the majority of British men say they must live according to "women's rules," the Telegraph reports. In addition, 33% say they feel "handcuffed" by political correctness and are unable to speak their minds, and an equal number of men are afraid of bossy women. The Telegraph says that British men are thirsting for a return to "traditional" manliness, which they say American scholars have termed a "menaissance."

The dubiousness of this "study" is obvious from the get-go, since it was performed by the British equivalent of Spike TV and only polled 2,000 people, but I'd also argue that women don't want what the survey called "waxed and coiffed metrosexuals," despite the fact that men think they do. My concept of being a "real man" is fulfilling responsibilities (though I suppose that goes across gender — that's my concept of being a real woman, too), and just because those responsibilities are shifting towards domesticity doesn't have any bearing on their "manhood."

The same survey says that "63 percent of women recognize that men are struggling to meet the demands made of them," and to that I say, so fucking what? Women have been struggling to meet the demands of work and home life forever, so it's good that men are bearing some of the load of that difficult balance. Maybe the British men in this survey would feel more manly if they stopped being such pussies and stepped up to the same set of issues women have been dealing with for at least thirty years.

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