Hollywood Life editor and former celeb-weekly queen Bonnie Fuller says of the celebrity gossip habit, "It's helping women. Of course it's healthy."

"Women see celebrities as mirrors of their own lives, so when they're looking at celebrities, in many cases, not all, they are evaluating the situation and relating it to something in their own lives or comparing it. It enhances your life," Fuller told The Globe and Mail.

Let's check in with how Fuller (who used to work for philanthropic organizations such as Cosmo, Glamour and Us Weekly) is helping women lately. Earlier today, leading the Style & Beauty section of her site, Hollywood Life:

Or this:


Life: enhanced.

The author of the piece does sound a slightly critical note:

Ms. Fuller rarely questions what the female audience wants. Nor is she inclined to judge the nature of its obsessions. The webzine, aimed at women aged 18 to 35, speaks to its readers in the voice of a spoiled, 13-year-old, gum-snapping brat. In one of her editor's notes, which she writes along with her own frenzied Twitter updates, Ms. Fuller exclaimed that Carrie Underwood was a "Big Biatch" for an exchange with Ms. Swift.


And yet she somehow managed to ignore some sterling exemplars of Fuller's batty, breathless, at times faintly moralizing Twitter feed. Such as:

I guess that's what the Internet is for.

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