Illustration for article titled Bonnaroo: Bastard Fashion Music Festival Stepchild Or Tastemaking Trend Capital?

Music festivals and fashion statements go together like Peter, Bjorn and John and Pete and Kate! But fashion-wise, not all music festivals are created equal. As Donna Karan spokeswoman told the LA Times last year re the Lohan-Diaz-Kim Stewart music-famewhore clusterfuck that is Coachella: "We've done Coachella for three years now, but we wouldn't necessarily do Bonnaroo. It's all about the energy here. Let's face it, it's not everybody who gets in — it's tastemakers. We're associating ourselves with people who set the trends. They tell the stories we want to tell." So what stories to Bonnarroo attendees tell, pray tell? The intrepid style studiers at Women's Wear Daily went to find out, and returned with an entire gallery showcasing the Nashville music festival's hottest "hipsters." So who's right? The PR bitches? Or the fourth estate? Judge for yourself by checking out the aforementioned gallery, after the jump.


[Images via WWD]

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