On Friday, the search for 14-year-old Adriana Coronado was called off when a body discovered by a gardener last Wednesday was confirmed as being that of the missing teenager.

Coronado went missing on March 12 in Katy, Texas, after police believe she was a witness to the murder of her father, Cesar Coronado. Her father’s burned body had been discovered in a rural area in Walker County, and an Amber Alert was immediately issued.

The rest of her family held out hope that Adriana would be discovered unharmed, and her mother, who was in Mexico recovering from surgery, says her husband didn’t have any enemies.


The teenager’s body was first identified by a bracelet, then confirmed through fingerprints. The Sheriff’s department said that she was shot multiple times, as was Cesar Coronado. The motive for their murders is still unclear.

Image via ABC 13.

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