Leolah Brown—Bobby Brown's sister and Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law and assistant—went on Dr. Drew's HLN show last night talking all kinds of shit on Ray J and Pat Houston (who is married to Whitney's brother Gary), calling them a "runner boy" and "manipulator" respectively. Making wild accusations, Leolah said that upon first hearing of Whitney's death on the news her first thought was, "My God, somebody gave her a bad bag." That "somebody," she says, is Ray J. She claims that Ray J was not Whitney's boyfriend, but rather her "runner boy" would buy drugs for Whitney. She was also going off on Pat Houston, saying that she definitely knew that Whitney was using again, contrary to what she told Oprah. Later in the interview, two of Bobby Brown's nephews, who were present at the Beverly Hilton the night that Whitney died, and who took Bobbi Kristina to the hospital, accused Gary and Pat of manipulating Bobbi Kristina in order to get control of Whitney's fortune, despite reports that Whitney was broke at the time of her death.