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Bobby Brown: Some Women Think I'm Hot!

Illustration for article titled Bobby Brown: Some Women Think Im Hot!
  • Bobby Brown says "I'm dating so it's not like I'm single." Defensive much, Bobby? [People]
  • The Yankees are tied for last place. Mwahahaha! At least they can console themselves with the knowledge Carl Pavano is still hot. Hot looking, that is. [SportsIllustrated]
  • The Fug Girls love Sarah Polley, hate the outfit. [GoFugYourself]
  • Female Iraqi refugees are resorting to selling their bodies in Syria to make ends meet. [Salon]
  • 28 new planets have been spotted by astronomers. [BBC]
  • Don't even ask us about the whales. [CNN]

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Gee Bobby, you mean "dating" as in "casually f'ing a line of leftover 80s groupies with low self-esteem longer than one of those monster rails that Bobby and Whitney used to slice up in their tacky McMansion outside of Atlanta while their 11 year-old daughter was downstairs watching re-runs of Kim Possible"?