Bobby Brown Disappoints Us All by Getting Arrested for Another DUI

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Bobby Brown seems to have some sort of chip inside him that is programmed to make him cause trouble at regular intervals. Today Brown, who obviously is no stranger to substance abuse, was arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, this shit is getting old.


Apparently he was driving in Reseda, California at around noon when he was pulled over for talking on his phone. He was then arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and was taken to the Van Nuys jail. It looks like he was drunk, and, according to TMZ, "his people" are bailing him out. This will surely not be the last we hear about this incident. Brown, of course, is no stranger to tangling with the law, and, in fact, he has been convicted of a DUI once before, in 1996. So he's probably got this whole thing down to a science. Ugh. [TMZ]

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For a minute there, it looked like Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron were going to be sworn enemies waging an epic battle for the heart of Tim Tebow. But they've outfoxed us and showed that, in fact, they are friends. The two went to see Hunger Games together this weekend, and, at least from the photo that got tweeted out, there's nary a hint of hatred between them. What's that old saying? "Hoes before Tebows" or something like that? [E!]

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There's further drama today surrounding Whitney Houston's death. A person with the amazing name Raffles van Exel, a "confidant" of Whitney's, told Dutch newspaper The Telegraph that he was the one who cleaned out her hotel room after she died because, "Someone had to do it." OK, maybe, but if that's true, then why tell a Dutch newspaper about it and not one of the 1,000 U.S. tabloids that probably would have paid you handsomely for that info? Oh, right, because he's the incredibly shady dude who sold the photo of Whitney in the casket to the National Enquirer and who also sold a fake photo of "Whitney's body" being wheeled out of the hotel to TMZ. God, who can you even trust in this world anymore if you can't trust a celebrity hanger-on named Raffles van Exel? [Celebuzz]

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If Twitter is good for anything, it's for spreading pictures of celebrities without their makeup on. The most recent instance is Lady Gaga tweeting out this picture of herself sans makeup, and while she looks great, she doesn't look much like the Lady Gaga we're used to. She has more of a Stefani Germanotta vibe about her, which is actually quite refreshing. [E!]

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She may be approaching her 800th trimester of pregnancy, but Jessica Simpson was still game to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding. She and sister Ashlee Simpson both donned flowered gowns and walked down the aisle. The bride must have been concerned that Jessica would go into labor during the "I do" moment, but that'd probably mean her wedding photos would instantly be worth a fortune, which isn't a bad trade for having your party rained on by a gush of amniotic fluid. [E!]

  • Justin Bieber is turning into a full grown adult before our very eyes, and now he's more adult than most adults because he's the proud owner of his own mansion. He's just bought the $6 million house in Calabasas, California, which features a pool and all sorts of other fancy things, obviously. It looks nice, and kind of modest compared to some celebrity abodes. Way to play it cool, Biebs. [x17]
  • Drew Barrymore apparently has secured herself a Chanel wedding dress and is planning a summer wedding to her fiancé Will Kopelman. That way her baby bump isn't too huge when she walks down the aisle. Doesn't seem like getting the dress was much trouble since Kopelman's dad used to be the head of Chanel. [Us]
  • Your Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will now be 100 percent Camille Grammer free. She quit the show after the producers refused to make her a part of the main cast for the new season. She apparently thinks she's too good to only make guest appearances on the show. Eh, may she be very happy during her steep plunge back into a life of total obscurity. [Radar]
  • Oy vey. The now infamous "mommy porn" book Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be a movie. It seems hard to imagine that it could be anything less than an NC-17 film, which will probably only further titillate all the mommies (and others) who apparently seem to think they're blazing some new cultural trail by reading naughty materials. [CBS News]
  • After announcing their split recently, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli got together this weekend to take their daughters shopping at a toy store. Acting as your completely non-certified body language expert, I can declare that they were both feeling a little tense about the experience. [Us]
  • Well, looks like we've figured out why Snooki was pushing a doll around in a stroller at the end of last week. She's and baby daddy Jionni LaValle are doing some sort of practice course for the real thing—probably as a stunt for her show. This ought to present a strong challanged to the rule that practice makes perfect. [TMZ]
  • This weekend some woman smashed a brick through Simon Cowell's window, came into his house, and then tried to hide in the wardrobe in his bedroom when his security staff came looking for her. Not surprisingly, it didn't end well for her. She's in police custody and is being charged with aggravated burglary. [AP]
  • Here is Russell Crowe dressed up as Javert on the set of the Les Misérables movie. Hubba hubba. [E!]
  • After it was revealed that PETA is connected to the people who flour-bombed her sister Kim, Khloe Kardashian says PETA is dead to her. Oh, snap! [TMZ]
  • It looks Jimmy Kimmel will be taking on hosting duties at the Emmy's this year. Let's hope he pulls the same kind of pranks on the Emmy nominees as he's pulled on kids in the past. [HuffPo]
  • Jack Osbourne has had an emergency appendectomy and is doing just fine now, thank you very much. [E!]
  • Yet another famous baby has come into the world: Singer Andrea Bocelli and his girlfriend Veronica Berti have a brand new baby daughter named Virginia. [Life and Style]


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Well, I'm glad that Dianna and Taylor are getting along. I'd hate to see them fight over a dork like Tebow, when clearly Dianna has a lot better options. Like dating Lea Michele. Even thought neither of them are actually gay. Yeah, I'm still on that. People who make cute couples should get together because it makes visual sense. To me. It's all about what I want. :)