Bobby Brown: "Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug"

The Insider scored an exclusive interview with Bobby Brown to get his reaction to his ex-wife Whitney Houston's explosive two-day interview on Oprah. Bobby is plotting his own comeback, which includes joining the cast of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club.


Bobby Brown — I'm Too Damn Fat [TMZ]

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I like Whitney, and I admire the fact that she was able to get her life and career back from the brink, but that interview was so awesomely self-important. Mostly because Whitney would start to answer a question and Oprah would pipe in with some overblown but obvious conclusion, and then Whitney would just agree.

Whitney: Well, I thought I was being a good wife...that I had to...

Oprah: I'm realizing something now: You. Took. Your. Vows. Seriously.

Whitney: I did! I did take them seriously!

Well, shit. I took my vows seriously, too, Oprah. I didn't laugh once during them.