BMW Uses Virginity To Sell Cars • Playboy-Posing Olive Garden Employees Will Keep Their Jobs

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Nothing smells classier than using a vaguely underage nude girl's sexual history to sell used cars. What do they use to sell new cars? • Scientists are getting favorable results from a chlamydia vaccine for koalas. • In at-least-this-woman-isn't-your-mother news: a mom pleads guilty to drugging her twin 6-year-old girls and using them to make child porn. • A 19-year-old boy from New York must write an apology to the city of Saratoga Springs for dressing in a 6-foot penis costume during his high school graduation. •

Five female Indian baseball players who qualified for the Women's World Baseball Championship couldn't afford the tickets to the event, until some philanthropic people stepped in and covered their costs.

• A British blogger who wrote about his graphic sexual exploits with women in Shanghai (and caused quite a shitstorm in China) has revealed his identity, and his (surprise!) new book! • A pair of twins, one dark-skinned, one light-skinned were birthed on Friday last week in Germany to a biracial couple. • Plans to legalize prostitution in the red light districts in the South African city of Durban for the World Cup in 2010 have been met with a a great deal of opposition from religious groups. • The sexy nurse theme of a Korean music video for a female pop singer is angering actual nurses. • Olive Garden employees who appeared in Playboy can keep their button-downs and ties: The company will not issue repercussions to women who appeared in the spread. • A 10-year-old girl who competes in bodybuilding competitions is drawing criticism from people who see it as unhealthy. • Concerned police in Australia smashed a car window while trying to rescue a "reborn" doll left alone in a car. • A 55-year-old grandma fends off two would-be robbers with claw hammers with a push broom. The pictures for this story (particularly the one with the robbers scrambling for the door) are a must see. • Puppy video! My favorite Japanese pup tries to figure out how to use his brand new iPhone 3G.

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@checkyaself: Two people did comment on it. Personally I read the linked article twice, let out a string of cursing, and then read the comments on the original story to somewhat soothe my rage (only to become even more upset at the ignorance there). I didn't have anything to say immediately, so I didn't. Please don't take an absence of comments as a blatant dismissal.

And don't you think that the story about the 6 year old twins is tangentially linked to the BMW ad. I mean one is about kids being sexually abused and the second heavily, heavily suggestive about what appears to be a young teen's sex life and invites the ad viewer to use her. I don't have a specific argument I'm going for here, but there's something to be said about the sexualization of female bodies.