Bloody Hell

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Yesterday we did a compare and contrast of the woman-with-red lips-licking-blood posters for Jennifer's Body and True Blood. Today! Check out the poster for Rose McGowan's new flick, Red Sonja. The movie is produced (but not directed) by Robert Rodriguez. Based on a comic character from the man responsible for Conan The Barbarian, Red Sonja is a "she devil with a sword." Apparently she does battle in a chain mail bikini, ouch. The film hits theaters in 2010. (Click to enlarge and to see additional image.) [ONTD]

Illustration for article titled Bloody Hell

For those keeping score:

Illustration for article titled Bloody Hell

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Stranger Bird

OH MY GOD. We just rented Red Sonja and it has to be the epitome of ludicrous outfits, bad dialogue, and uber-choreographed fights - in other words, totally badass. La Nielsen is one of the only ass kicking women in film I can imagine actually kicking ass, and I'm sure her epic femullet helped.

My husband has the theory that it was meant to be a Conan film with Red Sonja as a side character, but after Conan they couldn't afford Schwarzenegger for the full film, and that's why he just randomly rides in and wrestles a robot fish every so often.