Blogosphere's Collective Brain Explodes Over Sarah Jessica Parker's Clothes For People Who Do Not Read Blogs

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Sometime last month someone announced the news that Sarah Jessica Parker is "designing", by which we mean, "profiting from the sale of," a line of clothes for poor people. And not you-and-me poor, but the type of poor that is targeted by the "Layaway" section at my corner Dollar Store - basically you and me if we had a few kids and no laptops poor. The line is being sold at Steve & Barry's, a chain of discount sporting goods stores - we love how WWD keeps calling it a "sportswear" store! as if you can buy Ackris in there!! - that according to this Business Week story is known for undercutting Wal-Mart prices by as much as 40%. (And if that doesn't scream "Kathie Lee Gifford" to you, you definitely did not take econ alongside upstanding young capitalists like Steve & Barry.) (Who incidentally, started the chain that would conract the "designing skills" of SJP, after graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, from which Jezzy #2 dropped out after realizing we would pretty much never not be too poor to pay for it.)


Ok, the point of all this is not that the line, "Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker," makes "boyfriend trousers" look haute, which it does, but that the whole deal resulted in a blogger-media-access clusterfuck the likes of which has already crashed our laptop 12 times. After the jump, we analyze the coverage on the blogs that culminated in today's WWD story.

The blog Fashionista came out on top in the coverage of the coverage of this Monumental Event - even though the Budget Fashionista knew about it first!

WWD: But last week, Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers' new blog site, Fashionista, published photographs from a password-protected area of a preliminary Bitten Web site intended only for long-lead-time monthly magazines.

Budget Fashionista: Also, TBF was the FIRST to post anything about the line as a fashion blind item over a month before any of the other sites got word of it. I only held onto to it because I was asked to (which now I realized I should have just published it in full for you guys on February 8th.)


Commenters universally panned the clothes — camo capris? Ewww! - but gave SJP props for doing the charitable thing by making clothes for poor people.

Budget Fashionista: I am also pretty skeptical of the overly touched up pictures (usually sign of poor quality garments).

WWD: On other sites, readers praised the "Sex and the City" star for making affordable fashion for the masses instead of inking a potentially more lucrative contract elsewhere.

Hahahaha, I totes feel the same way about the nice men who run those payday loan operations! I mean, they could have gone to work for Merrill Lynch, but they decided to reach out to the at-risk and underprivileged!

The blogosphere has an IMPACT!

WWD: The next day, Fashionista blogger Faran Krentcil received an anonymous e-mail from a tipster who claimed to work with the Bitten team and said they are trying to redesign the pieces.


Or not.

"We are not changing a thing in the line," said Howard Schacter, chief partnership officer for Steve & Barry's.


Silly bloggers, we could have told you that! When you make clothes in the type of infrastructure-poor Third World Asian countries that produce five dollar jeans, they take a looooong time to make it over here. That fugly dress is probably crossing the Panama Canal by now....

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