Blogging An Abortion: "Precious, Silver-Tongued, Knocked Up 16 Year Olds Where Are You??"

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When we got the tip this morning that a woman was anonymously Tumblring her abortion, my first though was, oh Christ. I figured it would be some sort of Vice-ian shock value rant. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the blog "What To Expect When You're Aborting," is both funny and servicey! The tagline to the site is "I'm 23. I'm knocked up. And I don't want to keep it. You can fuck yourself, Judd Apatow," which endeared me to the writer immediately, and she also has a list of five movies that "aren't so hot on abortion." (Sample: Cheaper By the Dozen -Really? After 9 kinds no one decided to pop in a diaphragm?)But it's not all pop cultural giggles. The blog also has an in-depth description of the two different kinds of abortion — surgical and medical, and links with information. What I like best about the blog though is that it is one of the few realistic portrayals of getting an abortion I've seen in any kind of media. Movies that discuss abortion (Fast Times at Ridgemont High notwithstanding) have a completely hysterical view of it. It's either a non-option or the worst thing that ever happened to someone. My favorite passage of the blog is the one that decries this very thing:

I'm trying to get some advice and info that isn't off a bulletin board style fact sheet. When I google "abortion blog" -because we all know blogs are a great repository for facts and rationality- i get these terrifying pro-life, abortion regret websites. One is called " silent rain". UGHHHHH. WHERE IS THE JUNO OF THE ABORTION WORLD?!? Precious, silver-tongued, knocked up 16 year olds where are you??


Well, this blogger seems to be a silver-tongued, knocked up, 23-year-old slinging facts and honesty and humor. It seems like a good start. What To Expect When You're Aborting []




Except that they are against a particular choice. The choice to terminate a pregnancy. They may support other choices afterwards, but not that one.

Anti-choice may be upsetting, but it's not inaccurate. The issue of Choice is about pre-birth options, not after-birth. So while of course what a woman chooses to do after having a baby are important, they are not relevant to the this.

It's a fine line, I know, but using "anti-abortion" doesn't work in the same way that "pro-life" doesn't work. Pro-life suggests that opposing it means being anti-life or anti-baby. And anti-abortion suggests that others are pro-abortion. Pro-choice is about being able to decide between carrying to term and not carrying to term.

And if you don't believe abortion should be an option, you're anti-choice. Because you only support carrying to term. The fact that they may support choices AFTER that is, again, a separate issue. I think it's important to use these terms in this discussion because anything less is catering to people who are taking a emotional position about women's bodies and rights and using propaganda and misinformation to try and erode them. It's dangerous and it's more important to address it for what it is than it is to worry about offending someone who takes that position. They have a right to, of course, but those who are pro-choice have the right to stick to the actual issue and not venture down the road of trying to hold people emotionally hostage about their personal decisions.