Planning any big trips this year? If like me, you're the kind of person who transports half her worldly possessions with her when she travels in a complex array of suitcases, garment bags, backpacks, cardboard boxes and folded up old newspapers, then you need help. And boy, do we have some good help for you.

Alison Syrett Cleary, a blogger over at Lucky Mag, shows us how you don't have to look like you're dragging the entirety of the San Diego Swap Meet behind you when you travel:

I've put together the ultimate dozen-piece packing guide for most any locale that's a not an 85-degree beach (because all you really need for that is a really great bikini and coverup) or blizzard-ridden Scandinavia (although why would you go there after the season we just had?!). Even when you factor in toiletries and pjs, everything should fit in a standard-size carryon, so no bummers like lost luggage or excess baggage will ruin your trip.

See? You don't need to take nine pairs of ballet slippers with you when you go visit your uncle's farm in Wisconsin. You probably only need like four of five of them. Six, tops. And take your damn prom dress from 1997 out of the suitcase. You are not going to magically be invited to a ball thrown by the Prince of Genovia while you're staying at the Motel 6 during some weekend trip to Sarasota, OK?


Here's a really good example of the kind of outfit Cleary puts together, this one "for the kind of dinners that require reservations."

Look, if you have reservations about where you're going to eat dinner, just don't go. Trust that little voice in your gut. Too many times I have ignored those reservations and various warnings on Yelp about serious health code violations and found myself in bad dining situations. Take it from me, never ever go for sushi at a place called Easy Mike's One Way Cafeteria and Lube Station. Mike was a very nice guy, but he has no business serving up sushi.


I'm puzzled as to why in her packing scenario Cleary didn't account for vodka, sex toys and well-worn DVD copies of World's Wildest Police Chases which are things all normal people travel with. I mean, what am supposed to do, leave my Traveling Vodka at home? That's ridiculous. Why did I buy Traveling Vodka in the first place? Now it's just going to go to waste.

Anyway, Vodka aside, her outfits are cute—not my personal style but then again, let me remind you I am wearing pajama bottoms I got at Goodwill as pants. Seriously. I wore them to a court date once. Whatever; come at me, fashion bros. Her theory about changing up outfits with a few pieces seems like a solid one. Although I will leave that up to the panel of travel wardrobe experts we've hired to fly around the world utilizing her methods and chronicling their effectiveness. I'm told their results should be ready sometime in early 2015. So I look forward to that.

Cleary's post can be found here, with lots more pictures and tips on how to pack light and still look pretty adorable.

Images via Shutterstock, Lucky Mag