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Blinged-Out Bazaar Pisses On Line Between Advertising, Editorial

Illustration for article titled Blinged-Out emBazaar/em Pisses On Line Between Advertising, Editorial

For a special run of their December issue, Harper's Bazaar has bedecked the word "Fabulous" on 5,000 covers with 258 amber-toned Swarovski crystals. This is the fourth year in a row that Bazaar has partnered with Swarovski for its December issue, and mag pundits are wondering if the crystal company's sponsorship blurs the line between advertising and editorial. Bazaar's clearly sees that line as infinitely malleable, as Anna pointed out in this month's Harper's (Bazaar) Index: "Number of advertisements for women's fragrances in the December issue of Bazaar: 27. Number of those fragrances advertised that also made it into "editorial" copy in the magazine: 11." But Bazaar isn't the only culprit in the increasingly advertorial content plaguing women's magazines.


In Cosmo editor-in-chief Kate White's masterpiece You On Top, the fun, fearless female shills for both Diptyque and Bobbi Brown in her chapter on "15 Ways to Tap into Your Inner Sex Kitten." No. 2: "Light candles around your place...A fantastic one my beauty director turned me on to is Diptyque's Feu de Bois. You'll feel like a wood nymph when you smell it." Because nothing says "wood nymph" like a $55 candle. Even better is No. 14: "Discover the fantastic cologne by Bobbi Brown called Beach...When you wear it, you feel as if you're lying on the beach in a bikini listening to the waves crash and feeling the sun on your body." Or maybe in Kate's case, Beach makes her feel sexy because she's seeing the ad money in her bank account.


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The Harper's (Bazaar) Index: December 2007

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Some of it's a chicken and egg question too. I know these mags all over key potenal advertisers in editorial, then send them clips and gifts to get their future advertorial dollars. It's incestuous. According to the Ad Sales Depts, editorial only exists to help advertising sales. It's a whole new take on the magazine industry that totally turned me off when I worked there.