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Blind Guy Demonstrates How He Cooks While Drinking Beer

In this video, the very charming Tommy Edison shows how he cooks himself a meal without the benefit of a sense of sight. It looks a lot like how a sighted person would cook, except with more touching — and his tip about using the palm of your hand as a guide to gauge the doneness of meat is a good idea for anyone. Also: cooking is always more fun with beer, even if you spill a little.


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A friend of my Dad's, Hema, is blind. His wife Gita usually cooks for both of them, but she went back to India to visit her family and got ill there, eventually having to stay for over a year. While she was in India she did all Hema's Tesco shopping online, and they cooked over skype, with her giving him instructions. The best part though is that when Hema made a mistake he'd pull out the internet connection and pretend they'd lost contact until he cleared up :)