Blessed Be

Nobody has seen Sharknado 3 yet, but I'm calling it right now: Michele Bachmann will win an Academy Award for her role, whatever it is. A shark? A nado? A retired Congresswoman with a lot of free time? I'm already popping popcorn.


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"She will play a character named Michelle Bachman. Her character will be an outspoken critic of Shark N.A.T.O. an international organization created to deal with the increasing threat of Selachimorpha / meteorological phenomena. She opposes Shark N.A.T.O. and would prefer that U.S. dollars stay in the U.S. to fight U.S. based Selachimorpha / meteorological phenomena and advocates for more prayer in schools as the best counter measure for the increasing threat of shark filled tornadoes. She is eaten by an airborne nurse shark approximately 2 minutes into the film."

From the IMDB page in my brain.