Blah Blah Smart Women Better At Sex • Man Finds Parasitic Twin In Bellybutton

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• Here's the latest in no shit studies: women with higher "emotional intelligence" have better sex than those who cannot express their feelings. Also: nice picture Daily Mail! •


• Researchers have found a mummified dog at the feet of a human mummy. The puppy-mummy, named "Hapi-Puppy," is an estimated 2,300 years old.LiveScience has an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of going on the pill. Pros include lower risk of cancer, babies; cons include potential blood-clots and strokes. • A 30-year-old British man went to the hospital complaining of pain and a strange growth from near his bellybutton. Turns out, the pain was caused by a 4cm parasitic twin that had been stuck inside him for the past three decades. • Two women from Ohio have been arrested following an argument over a photograph of President Obama. • This Saturday, a filly, Rachel Alexandra will run in the Preakness. • A new study has found that women are more likely to be victims of identity fraud than men. Researchers say this may be due to differences in purchasing patterns. • Serena Williams was forced to withdraw from the Madrid Open on Monday after she was injured in a first round match. • Upon meeting women's basketball player Lisa Leslie, Barack Obama reportedly said: "You know I love tall women, right?" before offering to play her one-on-one. • Click here to watch a fascinating video on conservation efforts to preserve Brazilian wild cats. • In attempts to raise awareness about sex trafficking, a guerrilla group squeezed a live contortionist into a transparent suitcase and placed her on a baggage claim belt. • After losing $13.7 mil in the first quarter of 2009, Playboy is considering "radical changes." And in other Playboy news, Partridge Family mom Shirley Jones, 75, is considering posing nude for the mag. She would be the oldest woman to ever do so. •


Doctor Office Co-pay: $20

Hospital Stay: $20,000

After Care: $150

Getting to keep your parasitic twin in a small plastic jar: Priceless