An article in USA Today claims that more black women consider dating white men these days, especially since "statistics show that black men are seven times more likely than white men to be incarcerated and twice as likely to be unemployed." The story mentions Shar Jackson (uh, not exactly a trend-setting black woman) and Venus Williams as examples, as well as last year's movie, Something New. The author of the article notes that black women are among the least likely to marry, and goes on to say that one writer who was having trouble finding black men to date "eventually married white."

Somehow, in this context, this sentence seems the same as "eventually died a tragic death." It's as though these poor women have reached rock bottom. The author tries to give equal time to different sides of this story: Do black men choose white women as status symbols, and are black women copying them? Do black women treat black men so badly that the black guys don't want to date black girls? Is there a psychological barrier keeping black women from dating white men, who, historically, raped and/or abused black women? But the overall tone? Despair. The word "love" only comes up once, in the second to last sentence. So, when it comes to black chicks with white guys, some questions: Where are Halle Berry and hottie Gabriel Aubrey? Where are Grace Hightower and Robert de Niro? Where are Iman and David Bowie? Where's Grey's Anatomy Star Justin Chambers and gorgeous wife Keisha? Thandie Newton and Ol Parker? And why does it seem like the author considers these women, when they "marry white," to be settling? And, are we totally naive, or don't people sometimes just, you know, fall in love?
More Black Women Consider 'Dating Out' [USA Today]