Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, the two women who took out insurance policies on homeless men and then murdered them for their insurance policies, have been given life imprisonment. Women who are exposed to high levels of PCB are 33% less likely to give birth to male children. Watch it, nothing wrong with being female. • Cyberbullying is now a "public-health problem" yet only 9% of kids admit to being bullied on the internet. • Police bust an "oral sex competition" in Greece, the women get charged with prostitution and the men get charged with "encouraging obscene behavior." Oh, that seems fair. • A 6% rise in STDs in the UK: is it because more people are being tested or because people just want a "casual shag."

A woman in Louisiana is poisoning men by making them smell "cologne samples." Must have been Axe body spray. • Olympics audience restrictions! Lip gloss, fountain pens, and sunscreen are limited. Do they want the spectators to get melanoma? • Rich people can afford full-time nannies, but 80% of nannies don't have health insurance. From what I remember, all of Fran Vine's doctor/therapy needs were covered! • A 77-year-old grandmother pinned down a rabid fox after it attacked her, resulting in surgery and four days rest at the hospital. • An 18-year-old woman attacked her boyfriend with a toilet seat after she found him smoking crack in their bathroom. • An award-winning program in England for female prisoners who were victims of abuse at home has been shut down by the government. • Spinach Artichoke Chicken Lean Pockets have been recalled after the company received consumer complaints of grossness. • Post-menopausal hormones to alleviate painful sex do not help a significant amount of sufferers. •


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