Black Teens Resilient To Body Dysmorphia, Cave Into Peer Pressure

Researchers studying the connection between body-image and self-esteem among adolescents have discovered that young African-American males "have a unique resilience to the 'toxic' stream of media images emphasizing the importance of personal appearance" reports CNN (via Reuters). Lucky boys! But why the discrepancy? (And can we get some of whatever they're taking? -Ed.) Dr. Eliana Miller Perrin of UNC School of Medicine, the lead researcher on the study, wonders if black male adolescents escape the fate of their lighter-skinned (and female) counterparts because images in the media don't target them, adding that it's hard to say for sure because their demographic is — no shit! — a historically understudied one. Perhaps, however, Dr. Miller Perrin should check out the clip above, which — despite its title — seems to leave little doubt about this group's abundance of self-esteem.

Body Satisfaction Reflects Self-Esteem For Most Teens [CNN]

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