The new December/January issue of Teen Vogue has Twilight's Kristen Stewart on the cover, and inside, a "Night Shift" photo shoot with not one but two black models. Big sister Vogue includes two black models — and Indian model Lakshmi Menon — in a jewelry story this month, and there are black models scattered through the magazine. But everyone knows that the big "get" for a model is a multiple-page fashion spread. Plus, Vogue has a way of making everyone look haughty and bored. In Teen Vogue, the two young ladies in the "Night Shift" are psyched! Alive! Happy! For some reason, even though I can barely afford anything they're wearing, I love them. Images after the jump.

Here's the unbridled enthusiasm I was talking about! Sure, Vogue always shoots models on jumping in front of greyish-beige background. But are they ever this adorable? No. They are not.

I swear to the almighty Aphrodite, this girl is selling me those pants. I would look horrifying in white wide-legged pants, like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man's girlfriend, and yet, I want them! Because she makes them look fun!


Let's not mention body mass index or the fact that their legs are the width of arms in some other magazine. Let's focus on the glittery jewelry and their contagious smiles!


The shoes! Can we talk about the shoes? And the way they go with the shorts? And the tone-on-tone laces? Oh, and for those of you who watch Model.Live, the one on the left is Austria.

Sigh. When my sister gets "dressed up," she wears tux pants and a ribbed tank. On some women, it just works. And I love this. I love the shoes! And the $450 necklace that modeling can buy you but blogging cannot. I'm almost ready to sweep last month's corn row debacle under the rug where it belongs.
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