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Religious groups speak out against that "filthy" Barbie doll based on Black Canary, a comic superhero who wears fishnets and a black leotard. • An office manager in the Sichuan province of China has become the first man jailed for sexually harassing a female worker. Sexual harassment and domestic violence laws have only been recently introduced in China • A real sweetheart named Paulette Nelson volunteers at a USO where she personally flies to greet and see off soldiers coming home from or leaving for Iraq and Afghanistan. • Female students in Bangladesh protest against sexual harassment on their campus and their university's handling of women who speak out against such acts as "indecorous." • A study finds that people can generally agree on what makes a voice attractive, but it cannot be successfully scientifically mapped.


A recent study has found that keeping an active mind with activities like crosswords can prevent dementia. My grandma will be thrilled! • A group of brides are super pissed at a shop owner who went out of business and never supplied them with their dresses or a refund. • Venus Williams is set to write an inspirational book for HarperCollins about memorable advice her coach once gave her. Wasn't her father her coach? And wasn't he kind of an asshole? • A 33-year-old man in Michigan was caught trying to meet with a 14-year-old girl for sex wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt. Irony or social statement? • Authorities have found thousands of marijuana plants being grown in a remote part of a Girl Scout camp in Indiana. Thousands of "badge for pot farming" jokes coming to a blog near you!

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Thank you! This is a very frequent conversation amongst fangirls in comics, for which we are constantly having to justify ourselves. My personal opinion is that fashion matters in fiction, whether you're trying to establish as "other" world or some kind of reality. And stiletto's are impractical for ANYTHING even remotely crime fighting.


Me too. I mean, this is clearly a collectors dolls, not one for kids...but Bratz are way, way, worse, with their creepy proportions and utter obsession with the material. And the fact that many of them look like baby hookers.