Bjork Feels Bad For China; Hair Dye Equals Death

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• Bjork feels sorry for China. You know, over all that Tibet stuff. • Italian porn star runs for office, promises to create "cute" red light district. • H.S. teacher resigns after being outed as madam. • Macho, alcoholic men have trouble dealing with serious injuries. • Gabrielle Union sues Craigslist pranksters over faux ad. • India bans sale of cheap hair dye after farmers use it to commit suicide. • Uterine fibroids can now be treated with a non-invasive ultrasound. • Australians engage in wife-carrying competitions. • Hayden says: Sexual harassment is wrong, even if it makes you "feel good."

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The flippancy in the Gabrielle Union link pisses me off: "But who can blame her for being touchy? She'd survived a brutal attack back when she was 19, (thanks to the lessons she learned from watching Oprah)."

Gabrielle Union was raped at gunpoint when she was 19. A) I don't see what that story has to do with the Craiglist hoax. B) Who cares that credited the Oprah show with having tips that helped her save her own life?