Bitcoin Reaches Its Logical Conclusion: Payments for Cam Shows

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Utopian visions aside, I think we can all agree this was always the ultimate destiny for Bitcoin: "Tits for Bitcoin," a webcam business catering specifically to those looking for ways to spend their virtual currency.


It seems worth noting that you could already spend Bitcoins on boob jobs. In case you're still looking for consolation about the closure of Silk Road, where you could briefly, gloriously, buy drugs on the Internet with the crypto-currency.

Betabeat reports that the site was created by "Jay Cee" (a pseudonym), a savvy entrepreneur who'd always wanted to create a webcam site (aspirations are important) and, inspired by the Girls Gone Bitcoin subreddit, realized there was a market niche. "Porn is always pushing the boundaries in technology," Cee told Betabeat.

How it works: You buy credits with your Bitcoins, then pay for sessions with credits. According to Cee, that means the models keep more of the proceeds—80 percent at Tits for Bitcoin, vs. 50 percent generally. Plus, the untraceable nature of Bitcoin means no incriminating credit-card charges. But it's worth mentioning that the site has just 80 models and 300 active users, which seems a little scanty. Also, it doesn't seem to entertain any pairing other than women performing for men. From the site's homepage:

If you're a girl, check out the models wanted page to get started.

If you're a guy, it is completely free to watch. Take girls to private chat or tip your favourite model with site credits which you can acquire from us using Bitcoin securely (we use to process transactions, so you know your Bitcoin is safe) you do not need a Coinbase account, just a Bitcoin address to get started.

That doesn't really say anything charming about the sexual politics of Bitcoin. That's obviously the implicit assumption at most webcam sites, but it's jarring to see it put so baldly.

Meanwhile, the jokers of Dogecoin have spent their virtual pennies on a NASCAR sponsorship and helping out the Jamaican bobsledding team.


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