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from "Some not-so-petty criticism" by A.Z. p. 18-19:

"So let's talk about Jezebel, the women's destination in the Gawker media empire, which, for a site that likes to front as feminist, is occasionally far worse than Jane ever was in dealing out baldly antiwoman claptrap. Now, the whole Gawker ethos goes something like this: Snarky, provacative posts + even snarkier commenters = mad page views. Since writers are actually paid according to their posts' page views, inflaming readers means easy money. Which brings us to the recent post by blogger Moe Tkacik, who fancies herself Jezebel's rebel ideologue— a stance that, more often than not translates into dissing feminism and feminists.... If Jezebel is going to continue to post sloppy, misogynist tripe and call it journalism, at least some of us can take comfort in seeing the number of people who won't let it stand."