Bitch Is The New Black

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It turns out that not everyone is on the Obama train to the White House. Designer Marc Jacobs is endorsing Hillary Clinton, and we saw this T-shirt in one of his NYC stores this weekend, which is priced at around $38, with the proceed going to her campaign. We stopped to look at it because, at first, we thought it was a Jennifer Aniston shirt, which would have been weird. (Although not that weird, considering Jacobs has Posh Spice T-shirts for sale.)



@amoureuse: Honest to God, I fluctuate between anger, absolute bafflement, and crying my fucking eyes out! Jesus Christ, people. So much is on the line—health care, the recession, etc.—and everyone is falling for this media shit (i.e. irrational, knee-jerk hate), which is so transparent I feel like I'm losing my goddamn mind. It's like "When's the last time you beat your wife?" constantly being on repeat. HRC is being blamed for the right-wing now.

I don't give a fuck that Hillary Haterade is the drink of choice here: Obama won't win March 4th, the corporate media will. And when his shit finally hits the fan, I'll be too exhausted—and pissed—to care.

Fuck it all. I'm moving to Europe.