Boys with breasts? Pshaw! That's so four hours ago. The latest news on men-who-look-like women involves guys who exhibit "sympathy" for their pregnant partners by developing "swollen stomachs that look like a 'baby bump'". For a study conducted by researchers at a hospital in south London, 282 expectant fathers were watched throughout their partners' pregnancies and guess what? In addition to getting fat โ€” and suffering from mood swings, morning sickness fainting and toothache! โ€” the guys got cramps!

One man told researchers: 'My stomach pains were very much like a build-up of a woman's contraction as she's giving birth. They started mild and then got stronger and stronger and stronger'. Another claimed: 'I think I was in more pain than she was. It seemed like my pain was worse."'


Emphasis on the "seemed", dude! Actually, how about this: When the day comes that the skin behind your balls rips all the way to your anus after your body expels a human rugby ball, you give us a call. We'll be more than happy to discuss!

Men 'Suffer Sympathy Pains During Pregnancy' [Telegraph]
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