Drug companies are about to stop offering their usual discounts on birth control pills to college students, because of some bizarre clause in a deficit-reduction package the president had to sign so we could save tax revenue for the imminent four-theater war. University of Iowa students have seen their Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo double in price to $50, and some are switching to generic. All of which would make us ache for them, really truly, if we saw had ever seen any fairness in the first place to the notion that college kids should get cheaper birth control than poor uninsured people (us.) Yes, it's true, college is sooooo demanding, what with all the keggers, and the experimentation with eating disorders, and care packages from mom, and the new SAT, and all the smart immigrants that are getting in instead of you these days, you really shouldn't have to worry about condoms on top of all of that...

Ahem, and welcome to the diseased world of fucking in your mid-twenties!

Also, schools are mad because they made a lot of money selling birth control pills and now they'll have to charge even more for tuition.

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