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Biracial German Woman Chats Up Neo-Nazis and KKK Members About Racism

German documentarian, actress and TV personality Mo Asumang recently sat down with BBC News to talk about her new documentary The Aryans, what she describes is "a personal journey into the madness of racism." In the movie, she explores the idea of Aryanism and racism, confronting Neo-Nazis in Germany and traveling to America to chat face-to-hood with a few KKK members about their ideology.

The daughter of a black Ghanian father and a white German mother—her own grandmother was part of the SS under the Nazi regime—Asumang has faced her fair share of racism. So she endeavored to get to the bottom of that type of treatment by chatting (or attempting to chat) with some of the world's most hate-mongering organizations.

Unsurprisingly, when crashing a neo-Nazi demonstration, she is met with complete disregard. The majority of people who had assembled merely turned their back to her. I mean, at least racists in America had the decency to talk her! Really though, there's a hilarious moment in which a man fully dressed in the KKK's notorious robe and hood insisted that the KKK was not in fact racist.


Asumang has a remarkable ability to address very volatile topics with a certain lightness that both highlights the absurdity of such extreme racist hatred while also genuinely engaging in discussion. The movie just hit the film festival circuit last month, so it may be a while before us normal folk can get our hands on it, but keep an eye out!

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Speaking of racism, I know that Jezebel tends to center on social issues in America, but there is a huge rise in racist parties in Europe. Front-National, UKIP, etc. Plus the Germans literally got a neo-Nazi in the European parliament (I think they got 2 seats). The situation in the world is really, really scary.