Bindi Irwin's Dancing Queens

Remember Bindi Irwin's white-girl rap on Today last week? Well, take the time to get to know her backup dancers, the "Crocmen", whom Bindi refers to as her "best mates." Also known as the "Wildlife Warriors," the guys have been working with Bindi for years now. The clip above is from the DVD Bindi Kid Fitness With Steve Irwin & The Crocmen. (The tag line for the DVD is, "Taking a bite out of obesity.") We don't intend to stereotype these singing, dancing, muscular men by implying they're gay — but we'll put it this way: Chris (the hot one) loves singing and working out, Troy loves live theater, Tim loves music and magic tricks, and Glen loves trampolining (???) and rollerblading.

Bindi Irwin's Crocmen [YouTube]

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Pope John Peeps II

@blueberrypancake: But really, can any children's show actually be stood by same, rational adults. I remember getting through a kids' show on the CBC once by realizing that the incredibly, incredibly hot young women dancing and singing must be having mind-blowing sex off camera. Other than that - pissed. off. at. kids. shows.