Bin Laden's Wife Speaks; Didn't Leave Compound For 5 Years

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Pakistani officials say they've questioned Osama bin Laden's wife, who survived the raid on their compound but was shot in the leg. Two other bin Laden wives are also in Pakistani custody after the recent discovery that they were in the compound too.

A Yemeni child-bride, Amal al-Sadah, now 29, said she and her husband did not leave the compound in five years. Other accounts say six years. There are also conflicting reports about whether they stayed in one room those five years or in two. The U.S. is in negotiations with Pakistan, which is none too pleased about being cut out of an operation on its soil, to question al-Sadah and the other wives themselves.


Separately, Al Qaeda issued a statement confirming bin Laden's death. It said it would retaliate and that the U.S.'s "happiness will turn to sadness."

Bin Laden's Wife Speaks; Didn't Leave Compound For 5 Years
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CNN said she was 18 years old when she married Bin Laden. Meaning, she was NOT a child bride. It changes people's perceptions of her and the Middle East, imagining that every marriage is a child.