Bill's Business Connections, Right-Wing Wackos Still Dominating The Day

Almost two years ago, former staffer Moe Tkacik (now at True/Slant and Clusterstock) created Crappy Hour, in which participants opined on everything from Britney, to baseball, the Clintons, and oral sex. Some things have changed, but many stayed the same.


A programming note: tomorrow's final Crappy Hour will be a group affair. Meaning you.


Between 8:30 and 10:00, you can submit question or comments on the day's news by going to this site and running the live feed — then hop back over the Jezebel to submit some more and talk with other commenters from 10-11. I'll be answering questions and responding to comments live from 10:00-11:00 in honor of my last day.

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