Bill Cosby Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Dance, Maybe Invites Him for a Threesome

Bill Cosby was on last night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new concert tour and, much to the pleasure of viewers everywhere, stepped out in full stand-up mode. This version of Cosby may have come to the surprise of the nation's youth who, for the most part, are much more familiar with him from his work on The Cosby Show or schilling Jello than they are with him as a fairly aggressive comedian. The surprise, however, was much welcomed as Cosby hilariously demonstrated the best way to dance for laughs, while, at the same time, scorning the audience for laughing to easily.

Fallon later brought up Cosby's earlier days as an athlete, showing off some rather foxy photos of Bill in the early '50s. This somehow led to what might have been an invite — or command — that Jimmy involve himself in Cosby and his wife's nighttime routine. Jimmy seemed happy to oblige.


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