Bill Cosby Joked With Security Guards While Walking Into His Sexual Assault Hearing

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Image via Getty.

During a Tuesday hearing, one of Bill Cosby’s lawyers had a tense argument with a Philadelphia District Attorney “over the defense team’s practice of publicizing the names” of Cosby’s many accusers. DA Kevin Steele claims the women’s names “were not part of the public record,” while Cosby’s lawyer, Brian McMonagle, claimed many of them had already gone public.

As they fought over whether or not the defense team would be allowed to identify Cosby’s accusers in the future, the old (and reportedly blind) disgraced comedian who has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women “remained silent.” Probably because he’d let out all his best jokes earlier that day.

Writes Page Six:

When the funnyman entered the Philadelphia court, he tried to joke with security officers who used a security wand to check him for weapons.

“Don’t tase me bro,” he quipped.

Bro, please don’t let Mr. Cosby tell you how to do your job.

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What scares me about post-Trump America is that Cosby could walk. I guess it depends if the jury hates POC or women more. Neither of which is very comforting.