Bikini Kill

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In honor of the Bikini's 60th birthday, Slate brings us a gallery of two-piece images. Fashion editors can count their blessings: without its invention, there might not have been a bathing suit for every body type. [Slate]


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I sort of hate the way the only swimsuits you can find in stores are either bikinis or fugly one-pieces with skirts. Even though I know I should be less body-conscious, it feels like they're designing suits only for skinny people with flat tummies. And if I did work up the confidence too wear one, and found enough sunscreen to cover all that exposed skin, it still wouldn't be that practical for water-skiing. (When I was 11 or 12 and learning to slalom I wiped out really bad once and lost the bottoms of my two-piece. I was in the water so nothing showed, but it was still humiliating). I just want a find a variety of cuts and styles for cute one-pieces—please!