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Bikini Bug

Illustration for article titled Bikini Bug

If you are easily disgusted, you probably shouldn't read this story by Alexandra Heminsley, who, after a vacation abroad, woke up with a maggot eating its way out of her body. Yes, there are pictures. [Daily Mail]


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little_librarian is the Cuntness!

This reminds me of that show they show on the health channel every so often with the reenactments of the people who went to foreign countries and got some sort of parasite while there. I believe there was an episode about a maggot in a man's stomach. He tried to lure it out by putting a raw steak on top of where it burrowed in, but ended up having to get it surgically removed. He kept in a little jar after and even named it.

So many stories were awful, but the one where the woman had the EEL come out of her vag and stay in her panties until it fell out on the floor when she went to check what was going on was the most memorable.

That show was horrifying and fascinating all at once.