Bikini Bottoms Now Promote Genital Mutilation Awareness • Romanian Court Says Penis Worth $800K

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Bathing suits in Barcelona now feature hygienic protectors in swim bottoms that feature a picture rusty razor blade that sits right under your ladyarea to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Wow, genius and kinda gross. • Josef Fritzl is apparently writing his memoirs while in prison, much to the horror of his daughter/rape-victim for 24-years, Elisabeth. • Mothers who give birth to unexpected twins are more likely to be depressed and anxious after pregnancy, however women who conceived with IVF or other fertility treatments are usually less blue. • This one is for the dudes: having sex less than once a week will increase the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction.


• A journal for plastic surgery says that 98% of women who have breast reconstruction after an elective mastectomy are satisfied with their surgery. • Children conceived with a sperm donor should be told at age four about their origins to lighten anger and shock at their parents. • A Romanian court ordered that a surgeon pay a 33-year-old patient whose penis he had accidently severed during an operation $795,000. Yeah, that is a big "uh oh." • More Penii!: A Portuguese couple continue a tradition of manufacturing 2-foot penis-shaped ceramic bottles that is said to have dated back to the 19th century. • A baby's smile can create a "natural high" in the brains of mommies. • A South African woman with a "soft heart for animals and a tart tongue for most everyone else" runs an animal shelter in Abu Dhabi. • The General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England, is set to debate over the issue of appointing female bishops, sparking a debate between traditionalists and progressive members of the Church. • Swiss researchers suggest that same-sex transplants should be performed after they found an 8% chance of rejection when a male kidney was given to a woman. • The Monday after a three-day weekend always sucks, so here is a cute video of a bunny opening up an envelope with his own paper-nomming!


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@KittenFluff: Prolly, but allsiknow is that in the US there are "Son Of Sam" laws in certain states that prohibit a convicted whatever from profiting from the crime, but it would not stop someone from writing it. Nor would it stop someone from publishing it.

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