Bijou Phillips Disses Michelle Obama Election Night Dress

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  • Bijou Phillips on Michelle's Narciso "hell dress": "It made her look fat...It didn’t fit her properly... If you print that you need to print that I would have voted for her." [BlackBook]
  • Get out your fantasy checkbooks: Carla Bruni has donated a Dior to an AIDS auction. [WWD]
  • Anna Wintour's infamous ram's horn Chanel gown has made Time's worst-dressed list. [Time]
  • OMG. Louboutin is designing a Barbie pump in "Barbie Pantone 219 Pink," for the doll's 50th anniversary. Chewability yet to be assessed. [WWD]
  • Breaking! Marc Jacobs goes to party, canoodles with boyfriend. [NY Post]
  • According to Lagerfeld, excess is demode: "I have moved to a smaller house in Paris, and I don't fancy having so much staff now...The chambermaid, chauffeur and chef are still musts, around the clock." [New York via WSJ]
  • Not Christian Siriano! "It's a bit inspired by Egypt, but more like the colors of the desert. It's really warm, it's really badass. Strong, like rock. It's hot. It's beautiful," quoth the wunderkind. [New York Magazine]
  • Belgian ad shows men a use for socks. [AdRants]
  • The cultural institution that is Gianni Versace's Miami mansion is now open to the public, by popular (?) demand. "Tourists get a look at the house's exquisite central courtyard, dining room, lounges, pool and a marble toilet with a golden seat, billed as one of only three in the world." [CBSNews]
  • Awesome. The estrogen in many moisturizers may worsen breast cancer. [Reuters]
  • Talk about multiculturalism in action! "I'm a Canadian living in East Africa and we make cowboy shirts in Kenya from secondhand clothes that end up in the marketplaces." [BoingBoing]
  • Target ups the ante with artist-designed towels for summer. [WWD]
  • Louis Vuitton abandons plans for a Tokyo flagship. [Reuters]
  • Not Frederick's of Hollywood! The campy fixture posts major losses. [WWD]
  • Wait, what? Zac Posen's not launching a cheap line?! “In light of the current economic conditions, any plans for a secondary line are on hold,” said a rep, nonsensically. [WWD]
  • The Brooklyn Museum is selling its (apparently incredible) costume archive to the wealthier Met. [NY Times]
  • Ann Demeulemeester: open-minded or patronizing? "I saw pictures of Herman Hesse and I really liked the man. He was so beautiful in his fragility, so old and so fragile and so rich in spirit that I had to do something with it! I thought it would be beautiful to do a show where you have the fragility of the very young and the fragility of the very old and put them together. The older you get, the wiser the clothes would be. The young would be black and the older would be beautiful, shining and white, like an angel. It was an experiment, I wanted to break the rule of the young and the beautiful. I wanted to show the old and the beautiful. The oldest model was 87! I thought he was the most beautiful. It was amazing to me how proud they were, they had so much dignity." [DazedDigital]



Cry me a river, Lagerfeld: At my house, the chambermaid, chauffeur and chef are only working part-time, and I'm going crazy!