There are only three words to describe the fashion at Patti LaBelle's concert Friday night at the Apollo: diva, diva diva.

The Good:

This waist-cinching dress looks fantastic on the original Lady Marmalade. Yes, it's over the top, but bish is singing her heart out!

The Bad:


Back up singer Nona Hendryx: dude, that is a LOT of black leather. Black leather should only be worn with headdresses that enormous when performing pagan rituals, not when backing Ms. LaBelle.


That is also quite the plumage on Patti's other backup singer, Sarah Dash. Maybe backup singers are like bridesmaids: made to look deliberately ugly/ ridiculous so they do not outshine the main event.

The Ugly:


Look, Whoopi. We know you don't like dresses, which is fine. But jeans?! Come on, you can do better. At least throw on a colorful tunic!

Open Caption:


What are these ladies singing about?

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