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Big Brother Recap: Why Are The Gay Slurs Edited Out Of Broadcasts?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night's episode featured a fight between Jeff and Russell. Live Feed viewers saw it three days ago. What's puzzling is that CBS entirely edited out the barrage of gay slurs Jeff hurled, instead of just bleeping them out.

For context, Jeff is the guy on the elliptical and Russell is the angry ball of muscles.

The version that was aired on CBS is above. Below is an unedited version from the Live Feed:

I've subscribed to the live feed, and as promised, I have some dirt. None of the game play is revealed, but some dramz is included, so if you don't want to keep reading, then run. Run fast!


Monday Day
"Beaner" Gate - Braden called Kevin a "beaner." Kevin is not Mexican. Then Braden called everyone "beaners."


Monday Night
The roommates sat around outside, got drunk, and talked a lot about sex. We learned the following about Michele, the married woman in The Brains Clique:
She is bisexual.
She tosses her husband's salad (because they're married!).
She has a butt plug.
She's had a lot of one-night stands.
She and her husband fuck everyday.
She has sexy costumes.
She would be in a porno if the money was right.

I like her.

Tuesday Day
So the biggest thing that happened yesterday, as far as I'm concerned, was the "afternoon delight" shared by Jessie and Lydia. Shocking right? Meh, not really. For all her battle cries about how different she is, and for all her knowledge she likes to spew about British dialect, Lydia is faker and lamer than the four silicone bags attached to Jordan and Laura.


Lydia is the one who was most concerned about the whole high school theme, crying in the diary room, saying that people judge on appearances and she hates that. Oh, so she must've covered her body in tattoos and began a career as a makeup artist to help people get beyond her appearance.

Anyway, Jessie and Lydia were laying on the bed in the HoH room and built a blanket fort so they could fool around. I swear I could hear slurping sounds, but apparently the two didn't even kiss on the lips. They just fondled, and something went on with Jessie's "two fingers." Then Natalie, the Queen of the Cock Blocks, pounded on the door until they let her in. Lydia seemed pissed.


I edited the footage considerably, since it went on for a long time. At first I was shocked that Jessie appeared to be a selfless lover, going slowly, but he actually is just a giant wuss and she kept making the moves. Later on, Lydia talked about it to Kevin, who is by far my favorite. (Unfortunately, he's gotten a really boring, crappy edit on the show so far. He's always breaking the fourth wall and looks at the camera and rolls his eyes when his roommates say something stupid. They never keep that in the broadcasts, though.)

Tuesday Night
Something is wrong with Natalie's arm, so Jessie spent hours massaging it. He mentioned that it had something to do with a buildup of lactic acid, whatever that is. (Poisonous milk?)


The house guests all drank again and played a game of "Julie Says." (You know, instead of Simon Says.)

Later, Michele and Chima got in the fight. Someone left poop on the toilet seat and Chima thinks it's Michele.


Wednesday Day
Jessie was called to HoH room and given a digital camera. He had people take pictures of him bench pressing Russell. Then Jessie and Russell intently looked at the pictures of themselves, and remarked on how good their respective tans look.

This season, the HoH gets to go on Twitter during Diary Room sessions, however, the HoH is only allowed to Tweet, and not read replies. Jessie, the first HoH this season, has been doing a bang-up job. My fave:

Young Gunz back on the sweet tweet!! Trying to finish my sandwich

Also, he refers to himself as "Mr. PEC-tacular" with variations on the spelling.