Big Brother Recap: Guy Insults Girl For Giving Him Head

Last night's episode set the stage for a giant blowup between Chima and Russell, which occurred later on the live feeds. Drinks and insults were thrown, including one about Russell's penis size, and another about how Chima sucked him off.

Chima and Russell have been flirty friends in an alliance up to this point, so their acrimony seemed to come out of left field, with the only possible explanation being Chima's jealousy over Russell's friendships with some of the other women in the house. As of right now, their animosity will most likely not affect the eviction vote on Thursday.


However, on the live feeds, shit went down, leading to some of the best fights, drama and crying (Ronnie, of course) of the season, thus far. I don't think I've ever heard the word "motherfucker" tossed around so much in the span of an hour.


Monday, 8/3
During the day, Chima and Lydia got into it over something, which seemed to spark a general uneasiness in the house.

Around 10 pm, talk was brewing that Chima was planning on backdoor-ing Russell. Michele supposedly relayed this to Russell, and he brought Chima and Michele up to the HoH room to hash it out. That led to this argument, in which Chima got up in Russell's face.

Things snowballed from there, with almost the entire house getting involved in some way or another. While Chima went to another room to cool off, Russell stayed outside, fuming. He then told Natalie a secret he knew about Michele: that she has a PhD in neuroscience. He said she "works on the brain" which "changes things."

Post-fight, Chima and Jordan talked in the bathroom. They both agreed that Ronnie and Russell had a secret alliance (totally true, but was then called off). Eventually, Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie joined them in the bathroom to shit talk on Russell and Ronnie. Ronnie overheard them, and entered the bathroom to clarify that he wasn't in an alliance with Russell.


Thinking that Ronnie was lying, Kevin became enraged. He got in Ronnie's face, screamed at him, and chest-bumped him.

Ronnie went into the red bedroom with Chima and started crying, saying that Kevin hurt his feelings, and that his physically aggressive behavior should be cause for him to be removed from the house by producers. Then Ronnie said one of the best lines in BB history:

Later on, Chima and Russell fought again. This time, they threw water on each other and began making sexual insults. Chima said he had a tiny dick, and Russell said that she only knew that because she touched it when she tried to have sex with him, making that the worst comeback ever.


He then went on to tell her that the only thing she's good for is "talking and sucking dick."

The drama for the night was cut short when production issued three-foot restraining orders between Chima and Russell, Kevin and Ronnie, and Natalie and Michele.


But are you ready for this? All of the fighting between Russell and Chima? Staged! They planned the entire thing on Saturday, even choreographing how they would throw drinks. They still secretly make out from time to time.

Tuesday, 8/4
In the evening, Russell talked to Jeff outside. He told Jeff that his father wrote a subliminal message in his letter that he received in the HoH room. Russell said that the part where his dad said, "Remember the lessons I taught you in grade school and middle school" was in reference to when Russell fought with Jeff. It was Russell's dad's way of telling him that he should trust Jeff


In another room, Lydia shot off one of her malapropisms: "If you think you're going to come out of this conversation scotch clean…"

So far, no one has been awarded the "secret power"—which Ronnie has dubbed the "wizard power" and everyone has happily adopted—but as Julie Chen promised, it should be a game-changer.



I can't believe I watched, hell, I TAPED this show in past summers. I think the season that made me stop was when they had the brother/sister duo who had never met before. That just was mean.