Big Brother "Rapist" Wins $100,000 Prize; Threatened To "Bump" His Housemates With His Huge "Machinegun"

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Remember the Big Brother Africa cast member who fingered his unconscious housemate and defended his manual rape by saying, "Well, this is Africa," after drunkenly sniffing his rapey digit? Yeah, he won the $100,000 prize. Richard Bezuidenhout, the 24-year-old married film student who was caught on tape committing what is, in most places in the world, considered a felony, still received the highest number of votes. You know, because he's so dreamy! Ironically (or is it more disgustingly) his fellow contestant and victim, 29-year-old medical assistant Ofunneka Molokwu, came in second place. The company that produces Big Brother Africa claims that what happened to Molokwu was consensual sex, even though she had been drinking so much that she vomited. I thought we'd already established that there are no shades of gray when vomit is involved?

Anyway, according to a First Post reporter's account of the incident:

Bezuidenhout, a married man, unbuttoned his trousers, boasted about his "machinegun" and taunted the female housemates with a pledge to "bump" them all. The camera then cut to the bedroom, filmed in muddy black-and-white night vision. Bezuidenhout was lying flat on his back in the middle of the bed. To his right, a huddled shape lay hidden beneath the duvet - Tatiana Durao, a 26-year-old Angolan with whom he has already had sex on the show. To his left lay Molokwu (pictured on previous page). Something was moving between her thighs - it looked like Richard's left hand. He seemed to be touching her private parts, and she seemed to be responding. She thrust her hips up and towards him, gripping his hand between her thighs. An idiot grin spread across Bezuidenhout's face.


Molokwu remembers nothing from that drunken afternoon.

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Barry Petchesky

Probably opening a can of worms here, but I think it could be a valid debate: does rape(in this sense) work both ways? He'd slept with the woman before (which certainly doesn't give him the right to do it again), and they were both drunk.

Now, I've had sex with someone before when I was too drunk to remember the next morning. Does that mean she raped me?

I agree that the producers should have kicked him off as soon as this happened. Now everyone will lose their respect for Big Brother—oh, wait.