Big Brother: Misogyny Is OK, Racism Is Not

The BB house has been divided over misogynistic and racial and gay slurs. The show completely cut this storyline from broadcasts. On last night's live show, Chima brought it up, but producers shut off her mic.

In her speech, Chima also told host Julie Chen that Braden — who was up for elimination with Chima — called Julie a "whore." The vote came down to a tie, and Jessie chose to evict Braden. It made for a really awkward exit interview with the Chenbot. Usually she says something like, "Well, this isn't the end for you. We'll see you again at the finale in September." Instead she just said, "Braden, you're going home," then shook his hand and looked away.


Usually, the day after the eviction, Julie Chen interviews the evicted person on the Early Show. Interestingly, that did not happen today. The show briefly mentioned last night's eviction, but none of the dramz.

The incident Chima was referring to involved Braden calling two non-white house guests "beaners" earlier in the week. He also called Lydia a "slut" a "skank" and a "bitch." His misogynistic remarks were left in the actual broadcast, but the racial slur was eliminated all together. This is how the show edited it:

And this is how it really went down, via the live feed:

On Wednesday, I mentioned that Jessie was given a camera during his Diary Room session. He took pictures of himself bench-pressing Russell. The photos were posted to the CBS site.

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He also took a picture of his calf.

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And some bromance.

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He's really into his muscles. You can check out the rest of the pics here.

Spoilers, yo.

[All time stamps are EST]

Thursday Day
The live feed was shut off for the entire day as the house was getting ready for the live broadcast that evening.


Thursday Night
Shit went nuts after the live eviction and HoH competition. People were fighting in every room, and each time someone would try to escape one fight and move to another spot, another fight would erupt.

10:30-ish - Ronnie went into the recycling room and talked to Jessie, Russel, Natalie, and Lydia and said, "I was being fake to those guys [meaning everyone else] and sincere with you." Then he said he thought he would "shit his pants" after Chima's speech.


11:50 Casey confronted Ronnie about being aligned with the Athletes. Ronnie denied it up and down. Casey doesn't believe him and they start yelling.

Nobody knows why the vote came out in a tie. Someone is lying about how they voted (Ronnie) but no one can figure out who it is. This basically caused the house to erupt.


Laura yelled at Jessie for disrespecting her the night before. She said to him, "How would your mother like it when she sees you speak to a woman like that?" For some reason, everyone took this as Laura disrespecting Jessie's mother.

Lydia jumped in and stuck up for Jessie, and began screaming at Laura. The underlining issue is that they're mad that she voted Chima out. Eventually, Natalie, Kevin, Russell and Lydia all attacked Laura until she cried. (Jessie, the pussy willow that he is, didn't say anything.)


Ugh, Lydia seems like a total nightmare. I don't know if this is her game-play strategy, but she seems like the kind of girl who always puts dudes first. (Hence, fellating someone without any reciprocation or even a kiss on the mouth.)

Lydia and Jessie retreated to the recycling room, where she gave him a massage. He asked her which "high-profile" couple she nannies for. She wouldn't say, but began giving hints, explaining that they're "a really big deal" and work in music. But then BB cut off the live feed when she seemed like she was about to bend and tell him. (I think they always cut off the live feed when people begin using full names of those they know outside the house. This happened one night when Jordan was telling an anal sex story about a girl in her high school.)


I'm trying to think who would be a "really big deal" in music to Lydia. My guesses are:
1.) Nicole Richie and That Twin Guy
2.) Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
3.) Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson

When the live feed returned, Lydia and Jessie were not an option to watch on one of the cameras.


Out on the patio, Laura said that the producers of BB probably "fish tanked" Chima's speech. She's not as stupid as Kevin thinks she is!

Jeff mentioned that he thinks the episode is going to be on The Soup. (Except he referred to it as Talk Soup.)


All of a sudden, the Big Brother voice broke in and says, "Lydia, stop that!" What the hell was she doing!?

Back at the kitchen table, Natalie and Chima got in a fight with first, Jordan, then Michele. Natalie is like a yippy, annoying-ass dog. She doesn't ever shut up, and logic doesn't apply to her. Her yammering is compulsive. She won't back off Michele.


Michele said that her vote to evict Chima was based on the fight they had the other night, when Chima accused her of leaving poop on the toilet seat. Natalie either doesn't believe that, or doesn't understand. (Probs the latter.) Michele eventually told Natalie that she doesn't like her. Natalie didn't understand this either (even though she's an ass to everyone except Jessie). She was incredulous over the news.

1:00 AM Ronnie got the key to his HoH room. No one really wanted to go up there and see it, since they were all fighting, but they reluctantly made their way up there.


Ronnie referred to himself as the HGIC—the "head geek in charge."

The CD that he got in his care package is Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Friday Morning
11:25 Everyone is sleeping. Lydia and Jessie are sharing a bed.



I've always noticed that sexism seems to be much more socially acceptable than racism.