On last night's episode, Chima shared a very personal story with the other house guests about being raped—and almost murdered—by a serial killer. (She managed to escape, and the guy was put to death in 2003.)

Her story was actually featured on an episode of Cold Case Files a few years ago. The more recent conversation took place several weeks ago in the house (if you look closely at the mirrors, you can see Laura's head), and I'd assumed that CBS had decided to not broadcast it, out of an uncharacteristic sense of privacy and ethics, but they were just waiting until Chima had won HoH to air the footage.

In other news, to promote his new movie The Goods, Jeremy Piven showed up to the BB house, with a wig that was a completely different color from the rest of his hair.

It looks like the "sushi poisoning" may have taken a toll. I love how Jessie called him out on the whole "see you on the other side" casual line he threw.

There were a lot more fights between Chima and Russell over the weekend, but it's difficult to tell if they're still putting on an act, or if somehow the animosity turned real. The house guests received a lot of booze, and everyone got drunk at various points, including Jessie, who never drinks, which is apparent by this drunken conversation he had about unicorns.