Big Brother Africa's Resident Rapist: Still The Favorite To Win The 100 Grand

Here's a reason to never wish The Hills were "more real": so remember Richard? He raped a housemate on Big Brother Africa and they're apparently showing it next week because they decided it wasn't rape even though it was. We were confused enough to start touring Big Brother Africa blogs, and we figured it out: Reality Rapist Richard is really popular. He's had a really fun affair with another housemate, and whereas his victim Ofunneka is sort of an boring neat freak who is kind of motherly and crap, Richard is really cute and chill, and in fact everyone in his native Tanzania still cheering for him to win the prize. "In his quest for the prize he has not stepped on anybody's toes the way some people did," wrote one fan, TODAY. (Um, yeah, because he was too busy sniffing the finger he stuck in that unconscious housemate's pussy?)

In the case that they take offense to his actions, it often has to do with his ignorance and foul mouth. ("You would have thought the foul-mouthed Tanzanian had had sewage for dessert.") But worstest, when bloggers DEFEND Ofunneka on message boards, their posts disappear mysteriously. Which is why we're thankful for the Big Brother Africa II Official Fan Weblog, for courageously posting this viewer's defense of Ofunneka, which was so strident and controversial the viewer actually prefaced it with this:

At the risk of being shot down, sworn at and abused by the die hard Richard fans who believe that no matter what their boy does he can do no wrong I will post this thread.

In the same way that some forumists have the right to say what they want and go to the extent of blaming Ricki, alcohol and whatever they will next concoct as an excuse I have the right to post this thread and be heard.

So yeah, kinda makes you relieved that no one on American reality TV is all that sympathetic/ congenial, right? No one would give the benefit of the doubt to, like, Spencer.

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