Big Boys Don't Cry Over Body Image

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Guys love to make jokes about chicks going, "does this make me look fat?" — but the truth is, men are just as likely to experience negative body image, according to a psychologist interviewed on an Australian news site today. "Men often worry about their bodies in secret and think it's sissy or a sign of weakness if they talk about their concerns," says Dr. Vivien Lewis. (40% of men have body image issues so severe that they're affected in a negative way.) She and a team of male students are preparing a series of body image workshops targeting men, to teach them how to feel good about their bodies. Dr. Lewis's team will instruct men on how to exercise for health (not looks), and provide eating tips. Which is all well and good, but, come on. We're living in a world where chunky dudes get starring roles in sitcoms, replete with hot-ass wives. Body image schmody image; it's just not the same. You never see Jack Black in Weight Watchers commercials, but it's all Kirstie Alley has going on now. Give us a show where a pleasingly plump working girl comes home to a lithe Rodrigo Santoro-esque hubby every night and we'll DVR the crap out it, we promise.

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It's curious that, despite all these examples of plump guys making it big in Hollywood, this many guys still have body image issues. Maybe, just maybe, the problem doesn't begin and end with Hollywood.

Maybe the problem has less to do with Seth Rogan and Jack Black, and more to do with high school and college, where those guys get stuck in the "just friends" circle of hell. Hollywood might not mind flabby dudes, but no matter what the readers here say, guys that look like Seth Rogan aren't having that much success with the ladies in real life. At least, not in their younger years, which is when body issues tend to develop any way.

Of course, society's female body image issues are still more severe, but that doesn't mean the male image issues aren't there.

Also- as a scrawny guy myself, how about a scrawny-guy gets the girl movie, huh? It's not our fault we have the metabolisms of hyper-active chipmunks. And no, Revenge of the Nerd rip-offs don't count, since the whole point of those movies is that that never actually happens.